Blogger Income Reports – From $60 a Month to $160,000 a Month

blog gives a quick view to the reader about the performance of the company and its course. It is a firsthand way for the reader to know the financial condition and situation of the environment of that company. This is a major tool for the confidence instilling in today’s competitive world and a confidence sustaining one too!

  1. Traffic Reporting: This is about the indication of the number of hits that the website attracted for the mentioned period of time. It can be enumerated as: Traffic report: 91,522; Unique Visitors: 13, 345; Page Views: 72, 564 and so on.
  2. Future Goal setting: This should include the targets set up for a future course of time. This should clearly talk about how the company envisions itself in the coming period of time and it proposes to achieve it. There is no harm in writing about a broad vision of the company of how to go about achieving the target set.
  3. An Introspective part: This is sort of a ‘confession box’ of the blog. It talks about the slips made by the venture (in a toned down mode, of course), and what it could have done to avoid those slip ups. This is a good exercise of introspection, and comes across as a learning tool not to possibly repeat these mistakes. This would ensure the minimizing of any unnecessary resource spending.


That it is a more technical form of blog writing; do not forget to conclude the blog aptly. That is, to encapsulate the whole scenario in terms of its performance and its achievements vis-à-vis what it had intended to achieve for that period of time as its goal setting activity. Do not be too contrite in any case: whether it went beyond expectation, it didn’t quite match it. Be balanced and keep it as an open space for a CTA (Call-to-action) kind of a scope.